Everything You Need to Know About the Team Up! Campaign

The Team Up! campaign encourages US Olympic Committee employees to get involved and give back to Team USA. In this article, we look at the work undertaken under the Team Up! campaign, and how the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation goes above and beyond to support athletes across the USA.

about the us olympic and paralympic foundation

Founded in 2013, this 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization is a primary source of philanthropic support for Team USA athletes. The US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation generates financial resources and provides critical funding in support of Team USA athletes, helping them to fulfill their true potential, both within sports and outside of the game.

All of the funds pledged to the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation goes directly to Team USA athletes or is invested in high-performance competition programming. Headquartered in Colorado Springs, the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation is led by President Christine Walshe, with Gordon Crawford serving as Chairman of the Foundation’s Board of Directors.

Team USA athletes do so much more than represent the nation in the international sports arena. They inspire all Americans, particularly the next generation of athletes, which is critical in terms of motivating America’s future sportsmen and women to continue the nation’s impressive sporting legacy.

Team USA athletes show the entire country what is possible through determination and hard work, exemplifying what can be achieved through pursuing excellence. Individuals and organizations are invited to support the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation, providing the vital support necessary to help US athletes realize their dreams and break barriers.

the us olympic and paralympic foundation is supported by its fans

The United States stands apart from other countries in that its Olympic and Paralympic athletes are not just cheered on by a national fan base, but are effectively funded by one. The US Olympic and Paralympic Committee is not federally funded, unlike most national Olympic Committees. The organization is wholly reliant on the generosity of the US public in providing vital funding to help Team USA athletes remain competitive.

Gayla and Kevin Compton attended their first Olympic Games in 1988, visiting the Olympic Winter Games in Calgary, Canada. The couple went on to attend virtually all Olympic Games since, explaining that the competition has inspired them in all aspects of their lives. Gayla and Kevin Compton are long-term supporters of the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation.

As Gayla Compton explains in her testimonial on the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation website, the dedication and commitment of athletes forms the bedrock of the Olympic movement. The couple are committed to supporting the Foundation, both today and in the future, citing Team USA athletes as inspiration for the whole country, motivating US citizens to follow their dreams and be the best that they possibly can be.

the team up! campaign encourages employee involvement

Olympic Gold

The US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation created the Team Up! campaign to encourage employees to contribute financially to Team USA and get involved at a level that feels significant to them. Take the example of Katie Willemarck.

Katie Willemarck of the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation explains on the organization’s website that as a philanthropist with a particular interest in community work, she is familiar with the principle of giving back. Willemarck joined the US Olympic and Paralympic Foundation as Director of Accounting just before the 2016 Olympic Games.

Prior to joining the Foundation, she spent 13 years with an accounting firm. Willemarck was inspired to join the Foundation because of her passion for the Olympic movement and her commitment to supporting its members. Katie Willemarck describes her colleagues at the Foundation as an amazing group of people, citing them as one of her biggest motivations in a challenging, ever-changing working environment.

As a resident of Colorado Springs, Willemarck has been involved with many charitable programs in her community. She has worked with Urban Peak, the Pikes Peak Community Foundation, CASA of the Pines Peak Region, BKD Foundation, and many more. She explains on the Foundation website that supporting Team USA through the Team Up! program seemed like a natural step, enabling her to support America’s athletes.

In an article featured on the Team USA website, Willemarck explains that the Team Up! campaign provides more than monetary support to Team USA. The initiative demonstrates a commitment to supporting athletes as they chase their dreams. It also inspires an entire nation of sportsmen and women to pursue competitive excellence.

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