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Dedicated to promoting educational equity, CollegeSpring works with families and learning institutions across the United States with the goal of ensuring that young people have access to all of the academic opportunities they need in order to succeed and thrive. In this article, we examine the organization’s history and its vital work in supporting students across the United States today.

1. CollegeSpring helps students from families in need to prepare for college

Achieving high SAT and ACT scores are a powerful springboard, helping students to boost their college prospects significantly. Nonetheless, not all students have the encouragement or resources they need in order to effectively prepare for their exams.

2. Since 2008, CollegeSpring has assisted more than 30,000 young people

The organization focuses on helping students from communities that are underserved, helping them to access vital academic support and to expand their educational opportunities.

3. CollegeSpring helps students boost their SAT scores by an average of 104 points

Test preparation can significantly improve students’ scores. However, test preparation can prove costly. Many families simply cannot afford extracurricular support, placing this valuable resource out of the reach of many US students. This is where CollegeSpring comes in.

4. CollegeSpring aims to deepen its impact and expand its reach

The organization’s CEO, Dr Yoon S. Choi, has led the organization since 2017. Since then, he has implemented an innovative strategic planning process that reflects CollegeSpring’s successes over the previous decade.

CollegeSpring’s two-year plan positions it to meet continued demand for inclusive, high quality test preparation in order to help 25,000 more students achieve academic success through improved exam scores and guidance through the college admissions process.

5. CollegeSpring was founded in 2008 by Jessica Perez and Garret Neiman

Knowing that students from economically challenged backgrounds consistently score lower on SAT and ACT tests, the Stanford University sophomores launched CollegeSpring to provide students in need with a unique opportunity to improve their exam scores and prepare for college, ultimately raising the trajectory of their educational and life opportunities.

Recognizing the demand for free, inclusive test preparation, Perez and Neiman hosted their first test prep course, supporting 55 East Palo Alto high school students.

Since the inception of CollegeSpring in 2008, the organization has helped schools across the county to recognize the need for test preparation. In 2012, CollegeSpring expanded to serve high schools across Southern California. CollegeSpring broadened its reach again in 2014, when it began serving New York-based high schools and community organizations.

6. CollegeSpring serves more than 5,000 students each year

CollegeSpring has considerably expanded its operations from its initial class of 55 students, partnering with over 50 schools and community organizations. Through its innovative and inclusive programs, CollegeSpring has earned recognition from education-oriented philanthropists, organizations, and institutions. Today, CollegeSpring serves the nation’s two largest public school districts, benefiting from funding from The Kresge Foundation and The Michael and Susan Dell Foundation.

7. In 2014, CollegeSpring was recognized by Barack and Michelle Obama

In a White House report addressing educational inequities, the President and First Lady acknowledged CollegeSpring’s impact on increasing college opportunities for students in need. President Barack Obama commended CollegeSpring for its high-quality SAT and ACT exam prep, as well as its counseling services and other support provided by the organization to help US youth prepare for college.

8. By 2021, CollegeSpring aims to serve 25,000 more students

The organization is committed to doubling down on its core competency by providing high-quality, inclusive SAT and ACT test preparation; examining new methods of helping students to achieve success; and developing plans that prioritize impact, sustainability, and scale. Looking toward the future, the organization’s strategic plan centers on expanding its reach. By 2021, CollegeSpring aims to support a total of 50,000 students.

In addition, the strategic plan is geared toward increasing efficiency, reducing costs per student, gaining operational efficiencies through scale, and increasing revenue to fund more vital work. CollegeSpring intends to integrate additional technology and develop a solid research and evaluation agenda with the goal of replicating students’ success stories across the United States.

9. CollegeSpring helped student Fatima Martinez raise her SAT score by 300 points

In a testimonial on the organization’s website, the Alliance Dr. Olga Mohan High School student credits CollegeSpring with helping her to understand the importance of careful exam preparation and goal-setting. Fatima Martinez explains how CollegeSpring’s test preparation helped to transform her college application, raising her score by 300 points between the PSAT and the SAT. Martinez points out that her CollegeSpring mentor helped her to change the way that she approached the exam process, enabling her to get through difficult questions and making the whole experience less daunting.

10. CollegeSpring provides more than test preparation

Achieving academic excellence is about more than a few tips and tricks. Students need to know how the college application process works, learn which school best fits their needs, recognize why testing matters, and understand how it can change their academic and life trajectory.

CollegeSpring seeks to motivate students and help them to use the SAT and ACT tests to unlock opportunities and build confidence that propels them to achieve success on exams throughout college and beyond.

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